प्राज्ञिक -"विद्या सुखस्य जननी"

Prageek is a course website dedicated to promote Gurukul Tradition, Sanatana culture and Indic heritage.


Our Mission

We seek to change the current state of the ancient traditional education system by making it accessible to everyone by leveraging the power of the internet. We want our generation to know about our rich Itihas, all our ancient technology and philosophies. How to utilize them in today’s perspective and bring back a thriving Sanatana Civilization is our mission.

PraGeek will help Gurukul, Ashram, traditional institutions and independent researchers to post lectures on different topics and from different categories. At the same time, we offer the seekers a platform where they can find well researched and authentic courses on the subjects of their interest.

In this MahaYajna of the revival of Sanatana Civilization, We Seek to become Havishya which helps our Siddhas to summon MahaSaraswati and Matangi on this pious bhoomi of Bharatvarsha. With the help of courses provided by Gurukul, Traditional Institutions and researchers we seek to bring a sense of self pride in Sanatani Yoddhas.

What Do We Mean By Gurukul Parampara?

Aryavart or what we call India today has been the center of most ancient civilization in the world. We have a very much advanced education system preserved in the form of Gurukul Parampara.

Gurukul Parampara is the gift of ancient India to the world. Before Convent Education took control of our society, students used to study in Gurukul for their education. They lived in the Ashram with Guru and fellow Shishya and learned everything from them.

A Gurukul was not just limited to holistic education, spiritual development or gaining mental focus. Rather we had every type of courses ranging from cutlery, farming, cattle rearing to cosmology, astronomy, alchemy, mathematics and physics. In a Gurukul, students received knowledge and complete education based on their character and persona. Hence, Gurukul created well-balanced individuals with moral and life values as well as skills and knowledge required for a thriving career and well being.


Current Education Scenario

Today the education system and environment is highly flawed and they lack application and value based approach to education. Not only that, now more than ever the left and Abrahimic powers have controlled the Narrative being promoted through the education system. Today the entire qualitative and philosophical Courses being taught are focused to make a Hindu student hate his culture and history. Entire curriculum is filled with anti Hindu propaganda books, articles and chapters.

The entertainment and infotainment industry which is said to be an important factor in shaping the social thought process has been taken over by anti Hindu forces. For more than 4 decades, movies have slowly instilled the belief that Hinduism is something to be hated and not worthy to be followed with pride.

We had Gurukul Parampara which was the pride of the Ancient Indian education system. Presently, there are Gurukul and traditional education institutions but they are scattered and we lack a platform and ecosystem which can connect them to common seekers easily.

What we lack today, is a dedicated platform which is pledged to our Dharma of creating an environment to revive the lost glory of Sanatana Culture. The open to all platforms such as YouTube or other platforms are either saturated and lack the presence of target audience which makes it difficult to connect with like minded content consumers. Moreover these platforms are controlled by people who don’t support our cause. This leads to an unhealthy environment for researchers to create Courses and lectures for the seekers to consume.

What Do We Offer

PraGeek is looking forward to solving this problem by creating a platform which is committed to promote Sanatana culture and narrative which helps us revive the glory of ancient Sanatana civilization.

PraGeek is an online course creation tool which will help Gurukul, Ashram, traditional institutions and Indic researchers to post lectures on different topics and at the same time offer the seekers a platform where they can find well researched and authentic courses on the subjects of their interest.