Introduction To Gurukul Parampara

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Introduction To Gurukul Parampara

Gurukul Parampara has been ancient Indian way of education for our brahmchari and brahmcharini that is Brahmcharya ashram followers. This course explains the relevance of Gurukul parampara in modern time in brief.

What Will I Learn?

  • Know about Itihas of Gurukul Tradition
  • Who is a Guru
  • Who is a Shishya

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Introduction To Gurukul Parampara?

Introduction to Gurukul Parampara
Introduction to Gurukul Parampara10:33

About the instructor

I enjoy learning about yoga since childhood and reading books related to yoga. I am a yoga instructor certified by Morarji desai National Institute of Yoga delhi. My expertise in yoga - Ashatanga Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yogasana, Kundalini yoga, Shatkarma, surya namaskar, Trataka etc.
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Very interesting & insightful info given by the instructor... I personally found this platform very attractive after Centre for Indic Studies where I've completed Breaking India course mentored by honourable Rajiv Malhotra ji founder of Infinity foundation... U guys are doing amazing job... May Dharma stands by you...

A good attempt. This video is silent on whether girls too could learn/live/imbibe at the Gurukul. It's a fact that when we moved away from India's traditional Gurukul parampara - and made our schooling completely on lines of what the British made for us - we have actually done a lot of harm for ourselves. If there is a referendum in India, I would vote for adoption of 100% Indian vedic teachings and pedagogy - and complete stop to the western education system

A good introduction to the Gurukul way of education

Good Presentation. The giving and receiving of Knowledge at the core and correct lifestyle all around the students stay at gurukul.

Very nicely presented Hope our Government , educationists and the business tycoons get this and do the needful..

Introduction to Gurukul Parampara


  • Attentive Mind
  • Open to learn new things

Target Audience

  • Proponents of Gurukul Tradition
  • Pro Sanatana Culture