Prageek is a course website dedicated to promote Gurukul Tradition, Sanatana culture and Indic heritage.

Prageek is an online learning platform. We host the courses created by teachers, researchers and scholars who are working hard for the promotion of Sanatana Civilization. The courses are mainly related to Gurukul Tradition, Indian history and our cultural heritage.

You can learn any course of your choice whenever you want.

Anyone who wants to learn about Indian civilization and its rich heritage can get benefitted from these courses. 

If you are fed up with propaganda of the left and post modernist curriculum of education system biased against the Indian and Hindu narrative, then you are at right place.

Wise men have said,”Any society which doesn’t take pride in its own history and culture can’t sustain for long time.” For decades, our education system has been designed in such a way that we are made to hate our history and culture. 

To unlearn those biased and fake information and to gain true knowledge about our cultural heritage, you should learn the courses offered by Prageek.

No. There is no deadline on the time taken to complete the courses. you can learn the courses as per your comfort. 

But, We encourage you to complete the course as soon as possible to get maximum benefit from the courses. More than that when you complete a course, you can download the certificate of completion for that course.

To enroll for a course, you must be logged in to your student account. If you are new to the platform, you will have to sign up as a student in order to proceed. 

Once, you are logged in, click on the course you want to enroll for. Scroll down to check the description and requirements of the course. You can also preview the course section in case the course is premium. At the bottom, You will see the button to enroll for the course. Once you click on this button, you can now start learning from the course.

Guidelines for creating a course:

Creating a course for Prageek is similar to creating any course. Here are some brief suggestions which will help you.

  • Choose Your course category and topic.
  • Draw a course outline. Make short notes for each section. A course generally has 3 sections.
  • First section is Introduction. Introduce your students about your course. What are they going to learn? What will be the sections and parts you are going to cover. any guidelines or suggestions which any student needs to follow.
  • Second section would be the content part. you can add as many video lessons as your course topic demands. make sure all your video lessons are between 4 to 10 minute long.
  • Conclusion part. You conclude all the content matters. you can call to action. Make sure to introduce yourself to the students. So that they will come back when you upload the next course. If you represent any organisation, Also tell them about what your organisation does.

You can upload any extra attachments like PDF files necessary for the course. We recommend creating Quiz at the end of the course to test your students. This will increase the engagement of the students.

Once you have drawn the outline, Write the Title and Description of the course. This will tell the students a lot about your course even before they look at the actual course. A good quality description also helps your course to rank on search engines.

Now when everything is ready, start filming the course material. Do the editing as you see fit. Once your course is ready to publish, You can create the course through your dashboard.

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